Our Programs

Our programs are specially developed to assist children in discovering their true potential.

6 wks to 18 mth


Offering a nurturing environment for infants

18 mth to 2 1/2 yrs


Promoting learning in their early years

2 1/2 yrs to 4 yrs


Cultivating a love for learning in children

4 yrs to 6 yrs


We help your child gain independence with adult help.


More Programs

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Welcome to Castlemore Montessori

Interactive Lessons in Brampton, Ontario

Castlemore Montessori, which offers childcare in Brampton, Ontario, believes in promoting the sensory development of each child to understand the people and the world around them. As hands-on learners, it opens a door to possibilities in discovering a wide range of skills and abilities needed for academic and life success.

We guide them in the practical use of their senses through interactive lessons and activities designed according to their learning needs.

little girl with a backpack smiling at the camera
teacher and a student playing tower of hanoi

We Are Committed Our Mission Statement

To create a learning environment where children nurture their sense of personal responsibility, develop their self-confidence, and foster their love and respect for themselves and others. To be a conducive educational institution that supports the development of the whole child. To acknowledge the inherent value and dignity of each child. To enhance the child’s ability to learn, create and express while developing basic skills.

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