Inquiry-based curriculum for curious minds

“The principal art of the teacher is to awaken the joy in creation and knowledge..”

– Albert Einstein

Practical Life

We help children become independent, so they don’t constantly solicit the help of adults. As Dr. Montessori puts it, “We must help them to learn how to . . . dress and undress, to wash themselves, to express their needs in a way that is clearly understood, and to attempt to satisfy their desires through their own efforts. All this is part of an education for independence.”

We help children learn how to break down the required actions, perform them step-by-step, and do them repeatedly. As they systematically acquire self-care skills for self-care and care for their environment, they gain independence. Instead of throwing tantrums, they do things by themselves.

child playing with a wooden game


We guide children to observe, categorize, and organize their ideas, so they can easily recall what they learn in later years. Montessori sensorial exercises help children focus their attention on attributes such as size, color, and musical tone. Children learn to use their senses to explore the world around them. They learn to see, hear, smell, even taste and touch deliberately. They also gain the vocabulary needed to describe their observations and experiences.

two child reading a book


A joyful way to learn to read and write

Learning to write and read is a joy for children aged four and five years old. The preschool age is the best age range to learn to write and read. Preschoolers who join Castlemore Montessori by age three are well on their way to being readers by age six. Instruction is individualized since some children won’t read well by age six. Children with learning differences benefit from the phonetic, hands-on approach to writing and reading when difficulties are identified and interventions are facilitated early.



A love of math and confidence in working with large numbers at a young age

Our Math lessons go beyond counting. Children discover the four mathematical operations involving numbers in the thousands through colorful, carefully sequenced, hands-on materials. They learn to enjoy working with numbers and are prepared to embrace math in elementary school.

child looking at a globe

Cultural Studies and Geography

Building the foundation for reading comprehension

The amount of knowledge they have of the world is the key for children to flourish in later years. Reading comprehension requires knowing the subject you read about. Our kindergarten program builds children’s vocabulary at a time when their mind is ready to absorb words like a sponge. The world is their oyster, and the pearls of learning they take with them in later years are beautiful.

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